Jewellery to make you feel good

Jewellery can really change the way that you feel and can also have a link to a memory which is why I love making it.
There is nothing more satisfying than seeing someone wearing one of my designs.  I use different materials to create my jewellery which is explained on each item.

I have recently joined a skincare/nutrition and makeup brand.  It was while I was working on this that I realised the need for a sustainable spatula which can be used for face creams etc.  Trying to get the last of the face cream from the pot when you have long nails is no easy task.  So I have created a sterling silver spatula from recycled silver so that it's not only sustainable but eco friendly too.  No more product waste either.  The spatulas can be engraved or stamped with a name etc.  Perfect present for those who have nearly everything. 

I also make colourful wrap bracelets using eco friendly cork strands with metal buckles.  These have proved extremely popular and I have a cork bracelet for men too and cork necklaces.  They are such a great alternative to leather especially when they act like leather ie waterproof and robust which soften over time.

I have decided to make meaningful and personalised jewellery.  The wrap bracelets I've recently made are made with hematite beads which have been electroplated in silver.  Hematite is known for absorbing negative energy and grounding.  The new little charms I am using also have a symbolic meanings including dream catchers, feathers, trees and a yoga lady.  All of which you can choose for your bracelet.

So even if it's a treat for yourself, a thank you gift or a gift for someone else, I hope you find what you are looking for here.

Nicola x 

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